• MODENA: 059 374242
  • CARPI: 059 353888


Taxi anch'io

How it works

This is a transport designed for young people who move within the entire municipality during weekends to reach the meeting points, such as pubs, breweries, bars and clubs that extend their range of service even at night. This service has the ambition to offer to young users an alternative transport system to the use of their private cars. The idea of safety is deeply linked to this concept, which aims at fighting against alcohol-related accidents and involves young people driving responsibility. Not to mention the increased security for female users. In short, this service is intended to draw attention on environmental consciousness and road safety. All this with great economic savings for the kids! This innovative service is the result of the collaboration between the Municipality of Carpi and the Consortium of Modena Taxi Drivers (CO.TA.MO).


366 5221761

Taxi Anch'io is also available on www.carpidiem.it

"TAXI ANCH'IO" is a "dedicated taxi service", at a reduced price, intended for young people aged 15 to 29 years in possession of the "Youth Card" issued by the City of Carpi and marked with the logo of the service. To access this service, please call 366 5221761. The proposed night service range is from 10 pm on Saturday evening to 4 am on Sunday morning and the cost of the ride, regardless of the km covered, throughout the municipality including the villages, is only 4 Euros, which can be divided between passengers of the same ride.

The taxi driver will answer when you call the above mentioned number and will be able to group and optimize the trips, in order for you to share the routes, if possible, and the cost with other passengers. The dedicated taxi will be stationed at the Taxi stop at the end of Corso Cabassi, a few steps from the Duomo and Piazza Martiri, a place well known to children and normally considered a meeting place.