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  • CARPI: 059 353888



WEBI: Book or call a taxi

To take advantage of the service you must register using the form below.

Once you have registered AND ACCEPTED THE SERVICE CONDITIONS you will receive an e-mail from our Technical Department containing a summary of the data entered and the user name to be used (automatically assigned by the technical department).

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Taxi Reservation Service

COTAMO informs you that the Booking Service guarantees only the insertion of the call on behalf of the customer in the radio-taxi system at the desired time.

The confirmation of the taxi will be compatible with the availability of cars at the time of registration of the call by sending a confirmation text message with the indication of the name of the confirmed taxi and the time of arrival. In case of non-receipt of the SMS confirming the sending of the taxi, the client must call the central office for confirmation of the service or information about the non-confirmation.

COTAMO declines all responsibility in case of delays of the confirmed taxi due to force majeure, failure to send the taxi due to lack of vehicles available at the time of registration of the call or for technical problems of the station.
No refunds will be made for any train, air or other tickets.

However, COTAMO informs its customers that the call reservation of its taxi service usually guarantees that the taxi will be sent regularly.

To make your reservation, please call the number 059 374242, with Webi service, AppTaxi or send an SMS, or a message via WhatsApp or Telegram to 335 183855, indicating the date, time, any characteristics of the car and the full address of the municipality.

It is possible to book a call to the radio taxi usually up to 60 minutes after the request.