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The new online service for the management of business trips

What are the characteristics of Globix?

Total real-time control of company mobility;
Elimination of paper, non-fiscal receipts which are very difficult to verify;
Extremely simple and intuitive interface;
Timely issue of invoice at the end of the month by RadioTaxi for the total number of trips made;
The possibility of dividing into two separate reports the trips already paid for with a company card and the ones to be paid for in a single monthly invoice;
System adaptable to the needs of the customer.

How does it work?

The administrator of the company that uses the system decides which employees have access to mobility by taxi and records them in their home;
Each employee is registered with their own phone number that makes him the only subject involved in the contract;
The report of each travel appears simultaneously on the server, on the home page of the customer and on the home page of the employee and the taxi driver.
Mobility Manager of the approved company:

The administrator has at his disposal an updated report of all the company travels and the travels of each single employee;
He establishes for each employee a ceiling available, a maximum daily expense and the time interval to access the service;
He has the ability to create online taxi vouchers for the guests of the company;
He communicates with the RadioTaxi administrator through a dedicated channel within Globix;
He has the right to open "Alerts" when he needs clarification on a specific trip.

The Globix service is active nationally.

For more information you can call the call center +39 059 374242, or write an e-mail to the following address: settoretecnico@cotamo.it


A block of prepaid paper vouchers with barcodes recognized by all taxis in the CoTaMo fleet.

They can be used on all our cars as a payment instrument.
The instrument is aimed at both private individuals and companies.

For more information you can call the call center +39 059 374242, or write an e-mail to the following address settoretecnico@cotamo.it