• MODENA: +39 059 374242 - Taxi service with operator available 24 hours a day
  • CARPI: +39 059 353888 - Taxi service with operator available from 5:00 to 22:00


The CONSORZIO TAXISTI MODENESI Co.Ta.Mo was founded in 1981 thanks to the will of 14 members who want to create the conditions to develop a major project that facilitates and solves the mobility problems of the citizens of Modena.

In 1983, COTAMO members were already 41 (out of 56 taxi licenses present) and started the RADIOTAXI service in order to guarantee to those who use the taxi in Modena a modern, efficient, punctual service every day of the year, 24 hours a day, combined with features of economy and timeliness. For more than 30 years we have been working with competence and professionalism to solve your small, big mobility problems. Currently there are 70 COTAMO taxis in Modena and 11 in Carpi and the services we offer are the following:

Organisation chart


  • Mirco Venturelli

Vice President

  • Andrea Serafini

Board members

  • Antonio Di Biccari
  • Massimo Monzani
  • Thomas Lipparini
  • Anna Di Domenico
  • Simone Schiavi

COTAMO for taxi drivers

Cotamo has always distinguished itself for its innovation in technology and services offered to taxi drivers and customers.

  • 1983 Foundation of the Radiotaxi CoTaMo.
  • 1990 Activation of the escort taxi service, to provide taxis to replace members with broken-down cars. At the moment we have three escort cars for rent for members.
  • 1992 Installation of an automatic central unit for handling incoming calls at night.
  • 1995 Taxi for the disabled, in cooperation with the Municipality of Modena; establishment of a taxi equipped for the disabled, which was used by all members of CoTaMo ensuring a service 24 h/365 days.
  • 1997 Integrated service with the public transport of Modena with the establishment of the night TAXIBUS service.
  • 1998 Festive TAXIBUS service, which replaces the direct scheduled buses to the provinces of the municipality of Modena on public holidays.
  • 2000 Installation of the first 50 GSM POS terminals, which is an innovation at a national level.
  • 2000 cotamo.it domain registration and first online reservations with major customers.
  • 2004 Central Satellite Radio Taxi Microtek with search of the nearest taxi with GPS technology.
  • 2005 Radiotaxi Carpi, Carpi taxi drivers join CoTaMo and the Carpi radio taxi service is established with a dedicated number, always managed by the CoTaMo radio taxi station.
  • 2009 Activation of SMS TAXI service.
  • 2009 First project and launch of a radio taxi control unit with assistance and remote management, which is an innovation at a national level.
  • 2009 WEBI service. Call and book a taxi via the Internet with direct connection to the CoTaMo radio taxi centre.
  • 2010 The radio taxi service with operator is extended to 24 hours 365 days.
  • 2013 Realization of the first co-management with CTR of Reggio Emilia.
  • 2015 Implementation and management with a 24-hour operator of the CoTaPi Pisa radio taxi station at CoTaMo facilities.
  • 2015 Activation of GLOBIX service, for the telematic management of company trips.
  • 2015 CoTaMo is a founding member of APPTAXI, a national consortium of 21 Radiotaxi stations and 5000 taxi companies; it allows taxi calls with an App that can be downloaded from the Appstore.
  • 2016 Activation of the taxi call service through social networks such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • 2017 Implementation and management with 24-hour operator of the CTS Sanremo radio taxi station at CoTaMo facilities.
  • 2018 Construction and management of a Radiotaxi CTR Reggio Emilia station at CoTaMo facilities.
  • 2018 24-hour management of radio taxi CTC COMO.
  • 2018 Purchase of the first ecological hybrid car as an escort car.
  • 2018 Implementation of 100% GPRS system to replace previous generation radios.
  • 2018 Currently CoTaMo counts 72 taxis in Modena and 10 taxis in Carpi.
  • 2020 24-hour management of "Radiotaxi Ravenna"
  • 2021 Currently CoTaMo counts 82 taxis in Modena and 9 taxis in Carpi.